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Mining and metallurgy in the 21st century are concerned with issues going far beyond simplistic or romanticised mining notions.Economic and ecological factors increasingly affecting projects aim at process optimization and at raising of your plant`s efficiency. For this reason more and more sophisticated technologies and plants dominate daily business. The expertise of the ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH engineers provides the basis for the optimization of your plants and their components.We design and construct your plants tailored to your requirements, whereby we take local circumstances into close consideration, e.g. extreme variations in temperature and increasingly stringent environmental protection conditions. At the same time we bear in mind the balance between efficiency and productivity.Increase your plant`s efficiency together with us, no matter what your application is: non ferrous metal extraction, disposal of waste slurry or hydraulic transport.

In the field of hydrocyclone technology we offer, amongst other technologies, the Conticlass® System for separation plants, developed and patented by ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH. We can optimize the grinding process of your ore mill by means of our GrindExpert. A small investment can increase the efficiency of your operating plant up to 10%. Please contact us, we are looking forward to advising you.

Boost the efficiency of your plants with us!

Product portfolio of the ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH:

  • Reconstruction and optimization of treatment plants in the fields of: Iron and non-ferrous metals (copper, zinc, lead), noble metals (gold), kimberlyt (diamonds), coal, phosphorite ore and silica sand (glass)
  • Complete mine dewatering systems for pumping water from e.g. 1,200 m below ground to a dumpsite above ground
  • Complete mine desludge systems for pumping slurry from e.g. 600 m below ground to a dumpsite above ground Conticlass® System for optimization of particle size distribution after grinding 
  • GrindExpert for optimization of the complete grinding process from the ore bunker to the final product for flotation 
  • Mine refilling system using washery slack from the flotation as the basic material for sealing mines