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Copper and lead plant, Kazakhstan


Construction of a new copper plant and modernisation of a lead plant

Customer Kazzinc Ltd.

Main investor Glencore International AG

Engineering 2006 - 2008

Installation 2008- 2010

Commissioning 2011


  • Construcion of the new copper plant
  • Modernisation of existing lead plant 
  • Extension of the sulphuric acid production

Scope of supply       

Copper plant

  • Feed preparation
  • Gascleaning and dust treatment
  • Electric furnace
  • Matte converting, process gas cooling system
  • Anode furnace and anode casting wheel
  • Gas aspiration system
  • Cooling water system
  • Pressure air system, oxygen and nitrogen supplying system
  • Fuel system (diesel and heavy oil)
  • Anode sludge leaching system
  • Anode sludge drying system
  • Auxiliaries

Lead plant

  • Slag casting line
  • Batching mould
  • Electro filter
  • Gas channel system
  • Smelter ventilation and heating system

Technical data

  • Copper plant

           Production of 87,500 t/year copper cathodes 

  • Lead plant

    Production of 100,000 t/year

Customer benefits

  • Starting copper production in new copper plant 
  • Higher productivity and quality improvement in lead production
  • Task “Emission of harmful substances from new plants must be lower than from old plants" was fulfilled
  • Reduction of air pollution, utilisation of gases from the lead smelter in sulphuric acid production