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Copper smelting plant, Almalyk, Uzbekistan


Construction of a new copper smelting furnace


JSC Almalyk MMC, Almalyk, Republic of Uzbekistan


December 2016


Basic and detail engineering, construction documents, programming, supply of equipment, on-site construction and installation works, installation supervision and commissioning, training of personnel.

 Scope of supply

  • Feed preparation and dosing system
  • Smelting furnace as main part of ContiSmelt®System
  • Matte mixer and slag mixer
  • Systems for cleaning and cooling of process gases
  • Aspiration system
  • Water treatment and cooling system
  • System for supply of technological and instrument air
  • Main lifting equipment
  • Electrical equipment and instrumentation
  • Automated controll system

Technical data

  • Sectional area at tuyere level: 24 m²
  • Furnace width at tuyere level: 2.5 m
  • Discharge of slag and matte: via siphons
  • Furnace lining: Chrom-magnesite bricks
  • Walls and vaults: water-cooled caissons
  • Number of tuyeres: 28 pcs.
  • Daily average specific melting rate at the level of blowing tuyeres:  65 t/m
  • Waste heat boiler (calibrated pipes) for cooling of process gases with a temperature of:  1,350 °C to 380 °C
  • Mixer matte/slag: each 200 t

    Customer benefits

    • Production of 73,800 t blister copper/ year
    • Ensuring of a continuous smelting process with a bath smelting technology
    • Recovery of copper matte: till 97%

    Project highlight

    Blister copper
    tons per year