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Flue gas desulphurisation plant, Sostanj, Slovenia

Kalkstein REA

Supply and installation of a Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant of 600 MW at Sostanj TPP


Customer Thermal power plant, Sostanj, Slowenien

Commissioning 2015

Services Basic- and detail engineering, supply of equipment, supervision of installation, commissioning, training of personnel, after sales service, technical inspections during 30-days trial run

Scope of supply

• Building Permit Documentation (PGD)
• Plant design Documentation (PZI)
• As-built Documentation (PID)
• Circulation pumps with fittings, compensators, circulation pipings DN 1200
• Oxidation air supply to the absorber
• Agitators
• Instrument air system
• Pipelines and fittings for the suspension, process and cooling water

    Technical data

    • Wet flue gas flow at inlet: 2,100,000 Nm3/h
    • SO2 content at inlet: 8,200 mg/ Nm3 (
    • dry flue gas, 6% O2 
    • SO2 content at outlet: <100 mg/ Nm3 (dry flue gas, 6% O2)
    • Inlet flue gas temperature: 150°C
    • Content of solid particles in suspension: 15% c
    • Content of solid particles upstream hydrocyclone: 55%
    • Circulation pumps number/flow rate: 6 pcs/12,000 m3/h
    • Spray levels number/material: 6 pcs/alloy 3
    • Anti-corrosion protection of absorber interior: rubber in the lower part, alloy 59 in the middle and upper part

    Customer Thermal Power Plant, Sostanj, Slovenia

    Commissioning July 2015


    Project highlight

    Flow rate flue gas (wet) at inlet