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3-stage sludge dewatering plant, diamond mine "Njurbinskaya", Russia

DiamondsDewatering & Drying

Engineering and supply of a plant for thickening, dewatering and dry storage of disposals

Customer Diamond mine "Njurbinskaya", ZAO "AK ALROSA", Russia

Commissioning 2009


Basic und detail engineering, supply of equipment, installation supervision, commissioning, training of personnel, after sales service

Scope of supply & technical data

  • Dewatering of 250 t/h kimberlite ore sludge by chamber filter presses
  • Using of  a hydrocyclone battery with 24 pcs hydrocyclones
  • Conveyor belt system with automatic load of 40t heavy duty vehicles
  • Thickening to 55% w/w through addition of flocculant in a dosing unit

Customer benefits

  • Relief of existing disposal site and arranging the option for renaturation
  • Avoidance of the construction of a new disposal site
  • Setting-up of inner water circulation
  • Connection to existing plant without interrupting operating process