Engineering Dobersek GmbH meets TOO Kazmintech Engineering

2019 financial statements and targets for 2020

In the period from the 17th to the 19th of February 2020, a meeting between the Engineering Dobersek management and the general manager of TOO Kazmintech Engineering – Mr. Alibek Arschabekov, took place in the main office of Engineering Dobersek GmbH.

As part of this exchange, the results of the previous year were discussed, new tasks defined and goals set for 2020.

TOO Kazmintech Engineering reported on the extremely positive annual results for 2019. The management of Engineering Dobersek emphasized the positive trend in the company's development and assured full support of Mr. Arschabekov's management policy.

The parties have elaborated a long-term plan for further cooperation in the Republic of Kazakhstan and defined the ways to achieve it.

Important organizational agreements have been made which will help Engineering Dobersek GmbH and TOO Kazmintech Engineering to use the advantages of this German-Kazakh partnership in the project planning and implementation of projects in the mining and metallurgy sectors.

The corporate strategy of TOO Kazmintech Engineering was also defined during the meeting. 

Reminder: In 2019 Kazzinctech was transformed to Kazmintech Engineering by main founder Engineering Dobersek GmbH.