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Ash handling system in a lignite-fired power plant, Serbia

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Reconstruction of 20 year-old ash transport and disposal system in the lignite-fired power plant "KOSTOLAC B"

Customer “Elektroprivreda Serbia (EPS)”, power plant operator “Termoelektrane Kostolac (PD TE KO)"

Commissioning 2010


Basic and detail engineering, installation supervision, construction on-site, training of operating personnel, after sales service, technical inspection

Scope of supply with technical data 

  • Mechanical and hydraulic transport, dewatering for 2 x 16 t/h bottom ash
  • Pneumatical fly ash transport system for 2 x 150 t/h
  • Silo storing for up to 2 x 500 m³ bottom ash and 2 x 3,000 m³ fly ash
  • 6.2 km pipelines for the hydraulic transport of fly and bottom ash to disposal area:
    • 4 pipelines DN 200 with overall 12 pumps and CW=42–48 %
  • Truck loading stations for ash
  • Water and air supply of plant
  • Full automation of plant
  • Process visualisation and archiving of process parameters
  • Fly ash handling of  approx. 300 t/h 
  • Bottom ash handling of 33 t/h

Customer benefits

  • Recycling of boiler ash for concrete mix production and the fly ash in road construction
  • Reduction of water requirement by a factor of ten
  • Reduction of disposal site are
  • Dust prevention