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ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH - a steadily expanding, medium-sized family enterprise, always develops its product-range itself. Our patented and trademarked products are exclusively designed on site as proprietary developments.


ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH delivers separation plants for separation and classification of solid materials for various applications. The ContiClass®System patented by ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH provides continuous classification of ores. An essential precondition for perfect separation is constant pressure at the hydrocyclone inlet. The ContiClass®System is designed to enable pressure variations to be counterbalanced by a speed-controlled pump. As an additional effect the pump lifetime is extended tenfold, because, amongst further positive effects, cavitation is avoided. 

A regular problem in ore treatment plants is that constant ore feed cannot be guaranteed. In order to counteract feed variations, mills and pumps have to be switched on and off. This is not necessary for those plants equipped with the ContiClass®System delivered by ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH. 

Separation plants are mainly used for non-ferrous, precious and heavy metal extraction. To digest extracted ore, e. g. nickel or copper, the ore is ground in ore mills and mixed with water in order to achieve a pumpable suspension. For perfect digestion of the contained metal a particular grain size is necessary. However, after grinding the grinding the ore grain sizes vary strongly and cannot be easily altered.

The ContiClass®System solution for a profit-increased extraction of non-ferrous, precious and heavy metals (like copper, nickel, zinc, gold) as well as of mineral ore (phosphates) is increasingly used by our customers. Other possible applications are mine refilling, silica sand extraction and coal treatment.

1. heavy duty slurry pump aggregate

2. rubber lined

3. knife gate valve

3a. optionally integrated in the control system

4. pipeline to hydrocyclone resp. to distributor

5. hydrocyclone resp. hydrocyclone distributor

6. inlet pressure measuring device at the hydrocyclone

7. process water

8. control valve

9. butterfly valve - flushing

10. butterfly valve - mashing

11. level gauge

12. pump sump

13. compensator

14. butterfly valve, blind flange - drain

15. flowmeter

16. mill

17. classifier

18. hydrocyclone overflow

19. hydrocyclone underflow to the mill

20. frequency converter

21. visualisation and ContiClass®System

ContiClass®System booklet download


Increased efficiency of grinding and classification installations by 3 to 5%. Employing the latest mathematics software tools ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH developed a system for optimizing installations enabling production increase without essential modification of present grinding and classification installations.

In research studies a system was developed to optimize single-, double- and triple-station grinding and classification installations. This system also optimizes the work of peripheral devices like ore feeding, conveyor and pumps. The modular design of GrindExpert allows easy adjustment of the procedural equipment software.

The process data is stored in a dynamic object status matrix. After processing with anticipatory algorithms, optimal nominal values are transferred to the local controllers of the final control elements. For capturing the necessary measured data the adequate measuring technique is delivered, installed and commissioned.


This unique design allows separate cleaning of granular and slurry fraction in one machine.

This device can be used for mechanical activation of non-ferrous and ferrous metal ores as well as for coal or other mineral resources whose particles have been in prolonged contact with the liquid phase and flotation agents.

ContiMAC is used before desorption, before selective separation of concentrates and before subsequent cleaning in the extraction of the finished concentrate.


Range of applications ContiMAC machines can successfully be used in the following industries: in the glass industry to abrade oxide coating from silica sand; in the processing industry to clean particle surfaces from flotation agents and slurry coatings leading to reduction in the course of flotation due prolonged contact of the ore particles with water.

Technical specifications of the machine

Capacity, m³/h: 15.0 – 1,500.00

Percentage of solid material in the suspension, %FS: 10.0 – 60.0

Inlet pressure, bar: 0.3 – 3.5


Advantages of ContiMAC

  • Compact design with high capacity
  • No movable components
  • Use of centrifugal force to separate redundant materials from the particles
  • By arranging several machines to one battery any required capacity can be achieved
  • Integration into a process line is possible