Process water & waste water

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When treating industrial process water, plant protection is very important for the supply of highly purified water for use in chemical or food industry. The guidelines for the requested water qualities are given by the operator of the plant. For example during the process of heating and respectively vaporization, boiler water must not sediment solute salts. Salts adsorbed at the boiler casing or tubes would considerably degrade the efficiency of the boiler. Furthermore, material load would also extraordinarily increase in the whole plant thus reducing its service life.

To meet all differing requirements, ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH plans and engineers water treatment plants for all imaginable application areas.

Before discharging industrial used water into the canalisation or into surface water, it has to be cleaned. Typical contamination, such as solute heavy metals, oils and fats, fibres, paint components have to be removed from the water in order to prevent environmental harm. For this a large number of physiochemical treatments are available, and our engineers will choose a tailor-made solution.