Water Treatment

There exist no complete standardized solutions in the field of water treatment plants. Various methods of the treatment can be applied, depending on the initial quality of the water and the required quality of the final product. Whereas special emphasis is placed on the protection of the plant and its pipelines when treating process water, absolute medical safety is given priority in case of drinking water treatment. The range of projects already realized by ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH extends from a complete boiler house with an integrated boiler water treatment plant to a mobile drinking water treatment plant. This plant is equipped with all necessary filter inserts, air hoses, pressure water hoses as well as product tanks.

You can rely on the ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH´s wealth of experience that covers the entire spectrum of mechanical, chemical and biological treatment technologies. Using methods like filtration, oxidation process and membrane process, our engineers will offer a solution suitable for you – one yielding a profit not only to you but also to the environment in the long term.

Drinking waterProcess water/waste water Mobile water treatment
Physicochemical processesPhysicochemical processesPhysicochemical processes
Mechanical processesMechanical processesMechanical processes
Biological processesBiological processesBiological processes
Special processesSpecial processesSpecial processes

We offers the following processes of Water Treatment:

Physicochemical ProcessesMechanical ProcessesBiological ProcessesSpecial Processes
Precipitation, coagulation, sedimentationScreeningActivated sludgeDrying
DeironingDegradation of sand, oil and fatBio-reactorEvaporation
Filtration Trickling filterElectrochemical desalination
Activated carbon filtrationHomogenising  
Desinfektion (Chlor, Ozon)   
Thermal degasificationSedimentation (horizontal, vertical, slab-built fins)  
Vacuum degassing   
Ion exchangeFlotation  
Softening, decarbonisation, complete and partial desalination, 
blending bed exchange, selective exchange, ion exchange 
Cyclone deparation  
Membrane processesAeration and / or gas exchange  
Electrodialysis, microfiltration, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration, reverse osmosis   

More efficiency for your engineering!

Automation: Apart from process development and delivery of high-quality equipment according to international standards we provide complex automation of technological processes for your project.

Spare parts service: Furthermore, we offer a complete concept of maintenance and spare parts delivery for your plants - starting with exchange of wear parts up to preventive maintenance of complex plant components.