Water Drainage and Slurry Disposal in Mining!

Safety first!

One of the most important dangers underground is penetrating water and occurring slurry. This water affects safety and endangers the complete gallery network. Occurring slurry stops the machines in use and influences productivity of the complete mining. In particular - what is of course of utmost importance -miners lives are endangerеd. Therefore it is extremely important to have a reliable and functional water drainage and slurry disposal system. For the solution of this problem the safety of the miners always comes first.

Our solution is as follows:

  • automated water and slurry disposal each in every single station
  • powerful slurry pumps
  • powerful water pumps
  • precise, automatic control underground as well as above ground

Consequently, the advantages compared to other methods are:

  • safety for the miners
  • reduction of working steps; water and slurry is extracted in one step each
  • much higher profitability
  • automated procedures
  • decrease of energy consumption
  • high service life of the plant
  • high spare parts availability
  • minor maintenance costs than for multistage mining plants.

We also offer other solutions for these duties. E. g. water can be extracted together with the slurry. This is done by only one pump designed for the extraction of media with a solid material concentration of up to 50%.