Ore treatment

From the development of an optimized process to the turnkey handover of the plant

Our company has more than 30 years experience in ore processing.

Our process engineering solutions to customer requirements cover a wide range of engineering disciplines. Our services include the complete development of technological solutions, both in the concept development of the plant on the basis of laboratory and / or pilot tests, as well as in the project planning and turnkey handover of the plants.

We offer analyzes of existing process schemes for the improvement of current production and will be happy to advise you regarding possible process optimization and any resulting improvements in terms of quality and / or quantity.

After the results of the analysis, we reconstruct and / or modernize your production: preparation of the project solution, selection and delivery of the equipment, supervision of the chief assembly, commissioning up to the operational support during the training phase of the operating personnel and after-sales. 

All from one hand!

Our services: 

  • Preparation of procedural solutions to your tasks
  • Organization and execution of technical laboratory and / or industrial tests
  • Elaboration of the technical regulations of mineral processing plants or factories
  • Checking and optimizing your current process schema
  • Elaboration of reconstruction projects - whether individual components, plants or complete factories
  • Automation technology, individually according to the desired degree of automation
  • Selection and delivery as well as delivery of equipment and "turnkey" systems according to customer requirements"Turnkey" construction of ore processing factories

This is not a complete execution of our services, please contact us for more information.

We are ready to support you!

From raw material to product - customised solutions for your coal treatment plant!

ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH do their utmost to make your raw coal a product fulfilling the highest quality requirements in a demanding market.


In the treatment process, the CONTIClass®System separation plant of ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH supplies the perfect grain size for all subsequent processes. It can be successfully used for all coal treatment procedures and also be integrated into your existing installation without difficulty.