Recycling - different than usual!

Mine refilling is a procedure utilizing washery slack (scalpings) as valuable construction material in mining. This washery slack, otherwise representing an ecological problem as dumped waste in the landscape, is mixed with the help of a mixer into a tough, ductile product. This product enables hollow spaces underground to be sealed, which avoids the sinking of landscapes.

Only slurries with limited flowability are suitable for mine refilling. The highly sophisticated hydrocyclone technology of ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH effectively cleans slurry from gypsum dehydration plants and electrofilters, thus separating them from undesired, redundant particle sizes.

Also in this sector our CONTIClass®System can be successfully integrated as the main part of the complete plant. After the final separation step the material is mixed with sand and cement into mixed units. Collectors and downpipes then transport these material units down to the gallery fillings.

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