Engineering Dobersek has received an order for building a mineral processing plant of polymetallic ores in Russia

Ozernaya Mining Company from Moscow is the investor and plant operator in the future. They are spezialised in exploring and developing polymetallic ore deposits and the following production of lead and silver concentrates. Engineering  Dobersek’s contract includes the engineering, documentation, construction up to the commissioning of the plant and its components.

The scope of supply includes the sections for multi-stage flotation with integrated fine grinding of lead and zinc ores as well as thickening, filtration and packaging of lead and zinc concentrates within the Ozerniy GOK processing plant. It is located in the Russian region of Buryatia, east of Lake Baikal and in the north of the Mongolian border. Polymetallic ores of about 157 million tons are estimated to occur there.  

The high economic impact of this project for the customer and the long-term investment:

In the year of the planned commissioning in April 2023 the customer aims to reach a production capacity of 6 million tons per year by running this mineral processing plant as well as the neighboring Nazarovske deposit. Till 2024 he wants to increase this production capacity up to 8 million tons of ore per year. The plant for the extraction and processing of ores and for the production of zinc and lead concentrates is designed for operation  for 25 years after commissioning. By installing and running this project the operator preliminary estimates to create around 2,300 jobs.